When you make the decision to become a franchise owner of Renue Financial, you are joining a team committed to the highest level of integrity, compassion and service within the industry. This business is both personally and professionally satisfying where your compassion makes a difference in peoples’ lives every day. From day one you are guided to success with your business and a support staff who is there for you and responsive to your needs. We offer a proven system, essential infrastructure, and a track record of successful franchise owners.


Gladys Leal

Co-Founder & CEO

Gladys Leal is a strong believer that teamwork leads to success. She earned her major in Logistics and Chain Supply, and is an expert in purchasing and account management. She began her career with a Japanese start-up subsidiary in Mexico, giving her the knowledge and drive she needed in order to start her own companies, Renue Financial and Renue Financials Franchising, LLC.

The companies were built using a business model that integrates a unique hybrid concept combining a national franchise system, along with network marketing. The company has grown into a national network of Sales Agents who deliver their products and services to clients, while being able to develop their own businesses as either an Agent or a Franchisee.

Gladys makes her home in Michigan and her hometown Monterrey, Mexico. She enjoys hiking, working out and loves reading in her spare time. If you are interested in becoming financially independent and building your own network of agents through a unique business opportunity, get in touch with the Renue Financial Franchise Department at


Joe De Leon

President of Renue Life Insurance Agency, LLC.

Joe De Leon is responsible for running all aspects of the business. He has a proven executive management track record with over 19 years of experience developing companies, and driving sales teams in various industries. Growing up in  Michigan, he started a successful landscaping company at the age of 16. Later,  he moved to south Texas and built a marketing company, ultimately servicing clients nationwide. His father was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 54 and passed shortly thereafter. Joe was left wondering how credit, debt, and life insurance can impact the surviving family members. He immersed himself in the financial services industry, focused on credit services, life insurance,  and learned how it could have extended his father's life. He made it his mission and now his profession to educate as many families as possible. Mr. Joe De Leon is a genuine self-made entrepreneur.


Joshua Turner

Chief Marketing Officer

Joshua is an experienced and goal-oriented Chief Marketing Officer with over 20 years of experience in Creating Customer Experiences, Creating Start-ups, Building Businesses and Coaching Entrepreneurs. He created high-performing teams that are active in multiple industries and create customer experiences in a variety of different settings from Fitness Studios, to theme Parks, to Financial Services Network Marketing. Joshua is also an expert in conceptualizing solutions for unique problems and developing, organizing and managing teams to execute those solutions. Gifted communicator with proven ability to develop strong cross-functional teams to complete projects especially in regards to CX. Innovative speaker with proven talent in group motivation and. Joshua's high EQ scores prove his ability to control conflict through effective communication skills.

Operational Order: Safety, Legality, Ethicality, Morality, Customers, Stakeholders, Public.

These motivators performed in this order are the foundation of every executive decision Joshua makes.