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Steps To Success

The purpose of the Success Cycle is to develop a turn-key system of prospecting, enrolling and training your team to create explosive growth.

STEP 1 - Prospecting

Warm Market. (People you know) Complete your prospect list.

Cold Market. (People you don’t know) Hand out your business cards and get their contact information in return. Utilize Social Media Posts.

STEP 2 - Marketing Platforms

Preferred Platforms to Market your Business & Share Posts: Facebook, YouTube, Texts, WhatsApp Group, DM’S, Inbox, Social Media Stories, Three-way Calls, Coffee shop meetings, Weekly meetings (virtual or in person).

STEP 3 - Contact & Inviting

Make a list compiling all the new connections from prospecting and contact ASAP! Follow up! When inviting, confirm a time and place with the prospect.

STEP 4 - Meeting & Presenting

Presentation format: Three-way Calls and Opportunity Presentation; In-person or virtual.

STEP 5 - Enrolling

Direct your prospects to your RF replicated website. Complete the Join Now application and get started!

STEP 6 - Coaching

Answer their questions and refer them to the JumpStart Marketing & Training Program. Guide them through their back office. Identify and locate your leaders.

Encourage them to participate in live conference calls, meetings, and events.


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Business building tools